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Out.com对《同志圣诞节》里的主角之一Nathan---Adamo Ruggiero的采访

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Out.com对《同志圣诞节》里的主角之一Nathan的演员Adamo Ruggiero的采访


Out: You grew up in Canada and still call it home. What are the differences you see in the gay culture there compared to here in the States?
Adamo Ruggiero: It’s hard for me to say because I can only speak for Toronto and the only place I can really speak of in the States is L.A. I think after spending so much time in L.A., you guys have so much more to fight for. I was there during the Prop 8 rallies, which was such a moving experience. I loved seeing the passion and how united the community was. I was also there during Pride. That was super awesome! I don’t think there are really too many differences. It has the same tone and culture, at least in the Village [the gay strip in Toronto]. I did see a lot more unity and passion in L.A., and I think that’s because of all you are fighting for. Toronto is also in a unique place right now with the gay community because it seems to be expanding.


In Make the Yuletide Gay you play Nathan Stanford. How would you describe him?
He’s a very independent, very sure of himself guy. He’s comfortable with his sexuality.

在《Make the Yuletide Gay》里您饰演Nathan这个角色,请问您自己对这个角色有什么看法?

How is he different from Marco on Degrassi: The Next Generation?
I think they are different in regards to where I am or was. When I played Marco, he was coming out as I was coming out publicly. He was coming of age, and I followed that process, which was very lovely and honest. With Nathan, he was already out of the closet like I was. So, I was more confident. Nathan is very open and honest, and so am I. It’s been a journey.

这里主要是问Nathan这个角色和《Degrassi: The Next Generation》里的Marco这个角色有什么不同?(Degrassi: The Next Generation是Adomo参演的一部剧集)

How did you get involved in the film?
Rob Williams [the film’s writer and director] enjoyed my portrayal of Marco and sent the script to my agent in Toronto. This is really rare for a Canadian actor. This isn’t Hollywood where you do one big gig and suddenly everyone is interested. I was totally excited. Then I read it and it was hilarious and heartfelt. I really wasn’t expecting that, and it was the first time anyone had ever come to me and asked me to be a part of something. I told my agent that it was right up my alley, and I wanted to do it. I also thought it was an important story to tell.

如何获得参演《Make the Yuletide Gay》的机会的?

编剧和导演非常欣赏Adomo在《Degrassi: The Next Generation》里的表现,发了份剧本给我多伦多的经纪人。这相对加拿大的艺人来说是比较罕见的,这里不像荷里活那样,你举办了一个大型演唱会而意外的所有人都很喜欢。我知道后当然很高兴很兴奋,然后我看了剧本,写得很好,内容非常开心有趣和真诚。我告诉经纪人这个剧本非常适合我,我十分想参演这部片子,同时我也知道这部片子讲述的故事所带出来的意义对同志群体来说是非常重要的。

This is your second role as a gay character. Aren’t you concerned with being typecast?
Honestly, I’m not as concerned as everyone around me is. I want to do these roles, not only for myself, but also for the LGBT youth community. I want them to know that it’s okay to be gay and that you can be successful. I don’t mind being typecast. I feel there are a lot of stories out there that can be told about the LGBT community, and I’m so lucky that I’ve had the opportunity to be in shows that put me at the forefront of the culture and everything it has going for it. I would welcome any roles that come my way, but right now I’m A-OK with having a gay path.



When you started playing Marco you were 15. Were you concerned about playing a gay character then?
I didn’t know that he was going to be gay. I just knew that I had this part on a major show, and it was a dream come true. Then as I started to realize that my character was gay, it really was a stressful time. I felt very insecure because I felt that all of my secrets were being projected for the world, including my parents. It was also hard representing the character because a lot of kids were coming up to me and admiring my work for playing Marco, and I felt like a fraud because I really didn’t connect with him in the way that I wanted to. I was just so scared about everything that would follow if I did come out. I went a little crazy, but once I got my feet on the ground and realized who I was, I was able to let go of all the fears that I was carrying on my back. It was part of becoming an adult. As a kid I really didn’t have that skill and didn’t know how to deal with it.



When did you know you were gay?
I came out publicly when I was 21 in January 2008, but I came out to my friends pretty early on. When I was 15 I came out to my first friend. Her name was Brittany, and she was just the coolest chic ever. She was the only one who knew for a long time. Then later on in high school I shared it with a lot of my other friends. I think to some extent I always knew, even in elementary school. I don’t think I would’ve put the word "gay" to it then because I was too young, but I never did what the other guys did. I was hanging out with the girls a lot and doing a lot of feminine things. I didn’t think of it in terms of being gay or straight, but I did feel separated. It wasn’t until I was 13 that I knew what it meant to be gay or straight.



What is something you did that may have turned some heads?
For my high school graduation I sang the Spice Girls song “Goodbye.”

我在高中毕业礼上唱了Spice Girls(辣妹)的歌“Goodbye”。-------哈哈,确实够胆

Just like Marco, you came out to your mother in your bedroom and your father in the kitchen. What are your parents like?
My mother is very glam and fab. She’s so elegant and is not afraid of furs and great boots. I always tell her, “You are most likely the reason I’m gay.” My dad is a big soccer fan and is just fantastic.



How did your older brother respond to you being gay?
He is my hero. He is the coolest guy. He’s the typical straight guy. He’s also a thinker with a very open mind. In fact, he actually approached me. I’m not sure if I’ve ever told this story before. He sent me a text message and wrote, “Hey, you know how Marco’s mom knew? Well, I know too.” He said “I know what you’re going through -- let me help you.” Ever since he opened that door, I learned a lot about stereotypes. Of course there are stereotypes within the gay community, but we also have them about straight people, too.



Like what?
We have this perception of the clichéd straight jocks, which my brother would totally fit into. But his open-mindedness that he always had -- I never gave him credit for it. He is my biggest supporter, though. I never would have expected that, so it was a big eye-opening experience. I underestimated him, and I think we underestimate a lot of people out of fear.



Adam Lambert is another young star, who, like you, is very secure in his sexuality. Did you see his performance on the American Music Awards?
[Hesitantly] I did.

And what were your thoughts?
Oh, I knew this was coming.

I truly admire how open and how confident he is in how he projects himself. He makes no apologies. We have to have people like Adam Lambert who show that it’s OK to be gay and to be yourself. At the same time we have to work hard to educate the people around us and not alienate them. It’s a double-edged sword. Coming out is about educating everyone around you, but you have to balance the messages. Adam’s willingness resonates with me, but we have to show that we are an important and -- actually -- a normal community. It’s very much like the pride festivals. We put ourselves out there and have such amazing messages, but at the same time some people don’t know how to deal with all the colors and the flamboyance. We should be able to kiss who we want to kiss and represent the community, but we need to deal with the paperwork that may come with it after the act

上面这些是问Adomo对于《美国偶像》第八季亚军Adam Lambert的一些看法之类的。(Adam Lambert 也是GAY)

Who is your biggest idol right now?
Lady Gaga. I know it’s such a cliché gay thing to say, but I’m A-OK with it. She’s fantastic. I think she’s brought art back to pop culture. She has a huge amount of individuality, and I absolutely love it.


Lady Gaga(美国新晋舞后),我知道这是一个非常GAY的事情,不过我确实是很喜欢她,她非常的出色,我认为她把艺术带回了流行音乐文化里面。

You once said your first celebrity crush was Mary-Kate Olsen. But who was the first celebrity male you had a crush on?
Oh my God! This is going to sound weird, but I remember growing up and my brother and I were really big X-Files fans. We used to watch it all the time. I know it’s the weirdest thing, but David Duchovny. I just thought he was so cool, and it was probably my earliest crush as a kid.

你说你的第一个迷恋上的名人是Mary-Kate Olsen。那谁是你第一个迷恋上的男艺人呢?

噢,额滴神啊。。。这个说出来让人觉得怪怪的(害羞害羞)。我记得我和哥哥都是X-Files的影迷,我们经常一起看了很多次。噢。。(太害羞了) 那个David Duchovny(X-Files男主角),我认为他很酷,大概他就是我第一个迷恋上的男艺人吧。

Are you currently involved in a relationship?
Nope. I’m single.



What do you look for in a man?
Oh, that’s the story of my life. I’m not looking for anything specific or fancy. What I fantasize about is nothing like who I end up dating.

And what do you fantasize about?
I want a man-man. He has to be confident with himself and have a sense of humor. I’m a bit of a neurotic, so I need a stable man -- preferably with a beard and nice jawline.



Would you like to get married one day?
That’s such a hard question because I haven’t met somebody. It seems like such a far away thing for me. I am a romantic at heart. I do appreciate having someone there with me. I can’t be independent all the time, so I do hope to find the man who can spoon with me forever. I want someone to curl up with me in bed.



You said you’d like to play more gay characters in the future. What kind of gay characters would you like to explore?
I want to play a character who struggles with issues outside of being gay. My straight friends go through the same kinds of things that gay people my age do. We’re worried about finding a job or how to deal with our families. I think if we show a character who doesn’t talk about his sexuality so bluntly, it will be more powerful. We could just show a guy going home to his boyfriend and how they deal with being together. We all go through the same shit.



Finally, what are you the most proud of?
The two Pride episodes I did on Degrassi.


噢,那就是在《Degrassi: The Next Generation》里所做的。

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