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[size=3][b][font=Verdana][font=宋体]  注:这是[/font][/font][font=Verdana]out杂志[/font][font=Verdana][font=宋体]上的一篇关于[/font][/font][font=Verdana]Gant[/font][font=Verdana][font=宋体]的文章,好久以前的(注意以下年份,就应该什么都清楚了,呵呵),[/font][/font][font=Verdana]Robert[/font][font=宋体][font=Verdana]网站上的,拿来翻一下,希望没什么问题,本人初翻,斑竹关照。[/font][font=Verdana][/font][/font][/b]
9v#iw*P+tI [b][font=Verdana][font=宋体]正好解释下有关[/font][/font][font=Verdana]Gant[/font][font=Verdana][font=宋体]是否是[/font][/font][font=Verdana]Gay[/font][font=Verdana][font=宋体]的问题,以及他和[/font][/font][font=Verdana]Kyan Douglas[/font][font=Verdana][font=宋体]的关系[/font][/font][font=Verdana]([/font][font=Verdana][font=宋体]现在已经分手了吧[/font][/font][font=Verdana])[/font][font=Verdana][font=宋体]。相关照片见:[/font][/font][/b][/size][font=Verdana][size=10][url=http://www.qaf.cn/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=5243][size=12pt][color=#800080]http://www.qaf.cn/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=5243[/color][/size][/url][/size][/font]
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[b][size=3][color=#003366][font=Verdana]OUT Magazine,[/font][/color][color=red][font=Verdana] April 2004[/font][/color][/size][/b][font=Verdana][size=10pt]
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AS0oi){Hegy                                    Story by Peter Davis:]t:n"A2E&WCO
                  Photographed exclusively for Out by Tony Duran
9x;U^ssv o     Robert Gant, known as Bobby to friends, is pinching himself. Standing in the tastefully muted living room of the Hollywood hills house he recently bought, Gant is ruminating about marriage. Is Gant, who plays Ben Bruckner on Showtime’s hit gay soap opera Queer as Folk, ready to share his life with a partner?[/size][/font]
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h!BV.]"U4m.B;X [color=navy]    Robert Gant,也就是大家熟悉的bobby,现在正在被感情的事所困扰。站在他刚买下的Hollywood hills house雅致的房间内,gant正在考虑着结婚的问题(当然是和同性,呵呵——xiaohou86注),难道那个在同志肥皂剧Queer as Folk中扮演Professor Ben Bruckner的Gant准备和他的partner一起度过今后的生活了吗?[/color]
L"{ f-Pe4~g R7Y-Y [color=navy]
(YX:A4j8L [/color]    “I so want to marry someone,” Gant offers. “I have a vision for my life where I get married and raise a family. I’d like three or four kids. I want to be a dad and husband.” Gant glances around his cozy hideaway. “I’ll have to get a bigger house.”
@9{ a I'G%\{0sF:r [color=navy]    “我真得很结结婚了,”Gant说:“我正在憧憬着我的未来,能有一个真正的家。我大概会有3、4个孩子吧,我真的想成为一个好父亲和好丈夫”(当然仍然是再说同性婚姻,看来孩子只能靠收养了——xiaohou86)Gant环视着他温暖的栖身之处说道:“我得买所大点儿的房子。”[/color])yg(VBs#k Rh0w

q#z ?qRK B&y     Would Gant ever jet to Massachusetts to exchange vows with Kyan Douglas, the grooming guru of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, with whom he’s been spending time? Gant pauses, choosing his words prudently. “I really like Kyan,” he says. “He’s a terrific guy. We’re just getting to know each other right now.”
#n'H{0Z| cT+?E#TGw ]
[color=navy]    难道Gant真的要去Massachusetts州去和他曾经度过美好时光的Kyan Douglas交换誓言吗?(Kyan Douglas就是在Queer Eye for the Straight Guy中扮演grooming guru的那个人)Gant顿了顿,谨慎地说道:“我很喜欢Kyan,他也的确很棒,但我们现在只是刚刚开始相互了解。”[0w;`CUF.{k
6QvWE@&m)@-cm x     American audiences have been getting to know—and love—Gant. As the HIV-positive professor in a relationship with Michael (Hal Sparks) on Queer as Folk, Gant tackles, with wit and a sense of humanity, sticky story lines like ’roid rage, adopting a teenage street hustler, and being in a relationship with a negative partner. Sparks gushes when asked about playing Gant’s boyfriend. “The best thing is Bobby’s enthusiasm for the show,” Sparks raves. “The show is about love and trying to have a relationship. Sex scenes are uncomfortable and weird to do. When you work with a steady partner like Bobby, you have a strong respect for each other, and you make a connection appear on-screen.”
'M/I3w e} [color=navy]    Gant已经被很多美国观众所了解和喜爱(当然也有无穷的中国fans——xiaohou86)。在Queer as Folk中,Gant饰演Michael(Hal Sparks饰)的伴侣Ben——一位HIV阳性的教授。Gant很好地把握了剧中的角色:智慧善良的一位文学教授、sticky story lines like ’roid rage(这句不太明白……)、收养了一个街头hustler(hunter)、有一位没有感染HIV的伴侣……当谈到Gant饰演的男友时,Sparks毫不遮掩的表达了自己的赞美:“最不可思议的事情就是Bobby给整个剧带来的热情,”Sparks继续说,“整个的电视剧都是关于爱情和人与人之间关系的,虽然演sex场景时的确会有点不习惯,让我感觉怪怪的,但当你和一位稳重可靠的演员也就是说Bobby一起合作时,你就会有一种强烈的相互促进的感觉,并且能很自然的在表演中发挥出来。”VQA4s@[V
    Queer as Folk confronts issues such as sex and drugs unapologetically. “I’m proud of this show for where it goes sexually,” Gant proclaims. “For my gay brethren who had such problems with the drugs and sex, I ask you to consider the shame we have carried around about who we were and the manifestations of the self-loathing we feel that has caused us to have addictive issues, be it crystal or alcohol. [Queer as Folk] is the story of boys becoming men.”)YDfRZyx

qWu+M)W&GL(mF [color=navy]    Queer as Folk直面性以及吸毒的问题,没有什么忸怩的掩饰。“我为这部电视敢于正确涉及性方面(当然也就涉及吸毒、卖淫、乱交等等——xiaohou86)的问题而感到高兴,”Gant说到:“在我所认识得gay之中,也有很多人都有着吸毒、疾病等问题,我建议他们应该好好去想想自己,扪心自问一下自己以前就一直是这样吗?还是自恶情绪(self-loathing)让我们自己去沉迷于那些东西,不论是酒精,还是crystal(一种毒品,我觉得应该是冰毒——xiaohou86),[Queer as Folk]正是为我们讲述了如何从男孩成长为真正的男人。”
R)a3Oaq|V (这种意义真的是很大的,佩服Robert!大家从Ted和Hunter身上能够看到很多吧——xiaohou86),n8cP+F/H@$m9F
m)e)j ~5S;AxP     In August 2002, Gant decided to come out publicly. Pre–Queer as Folk, Gant had been cast as the (heterosexual) love interest or husband or young dad on shows like Caroline in the City and Veronica’s Closet. Some of Gant’s business representatives urged him not to reveal his sexual orientation, for the sake of his career. Peter Paige, who plays Emmett on the show, remembers, “I was sad and frustrated for Bobby. I could see it on his face, how much he wanted to be clean, clear, and out in the open.”m?^uj2_7~`rv W
[color=navy]    2002年的八月,Gant决定出柜。在Queer as Folk之前,Gant在屏幕上的形象总是异性恋、好丈夫或者是小孩子的爸爸,比如说Caroline in the City和Veronica’s Closet等等。Gant的一些事业上的代理人(直接翻译的,不知道术语叫什么)极力劝告他为了他的个人事业不要向外界公布自己的性取向。(当然最后Gant顶住压力了!——xiaohou86)据Peter Paige(饰演emmett)回忆说:“我当时真的为Bobby感到难过。我可以从他的脸上看出,他真得很想以真实的自己面对社会。”
qb t1p]x,\ (哈,在剧中em好像就是这样一个角色,劝人出柜:)
/Xe5F&Az Dla8r*Y [/color]
8\U|4j ?     Gant recalls that when he told his mother about coming out on the cover of The Advocate, she responded, “Why don’t you shoot me through the heart with a shotgun first?” “I didn’t give a damn! I decided to surrender to it all,” Gant says, and his mother eventually came around. “Today, the truth is that my career has never been stronger. There’s far more interest in me as an actor than when I was closeted.” Gant’s sea-blue eyes widen. He lets out a satisfied roar of a laugh. “Coming out was the best thing I could have ever done for my career.” Queer as Folk executive producer Ron Cowen concurs: “Being out and honest is important to Bobby. I don’t think he’d be comfortable having it any other way.” V'f|$w*y6QIj\
[color=navy]    Gant回忆当他告诉他母亲在The Advocate作为封面人物出柜时,她的第一反应就是:“你为什么不直接朝我心脏开一枪呢?”“我并没有说什么不该说的,我打算承认一切”(翻译的不太确定——xiaohou86)Gant说。他母亲最后也转变了态度。“现在,事实就是我的时也从未如此辉煌和成功。作为一名出柜的演员,这种兴奋是不能和我以前没出柜时相比的。”从此Gant湛蓝如海的眼睛更加迷人了,他高兴得笑着说:“出柜是我做过的对我事业最有帮助的一件事。”Queer as Folk的执行制片人Ron Cowen赞同道:“公开和坦诚对Bobby来说是很重要的。如果他继续掩饰下去,他不会快乐的。”
HLz x3FF [/color] N{I|D5]iLKC
    Born and raised in a blue-collar family in Tampa, Fla., Gant (real surname: Gonzalez) was obsessed with being the "perfect" child. "For me, 'gay' was nonexistent. To my understanding, I was the only gay person in the world," he says. Gant's first gay sexual experience was with an older football player on prom night in the stairwell of a hotel. When he was 20 his mother eavesdropped on a phone conversation and discovered he was gay. But he wasn't ready to be candid about his desires. As an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, which he attended before heading to Georgetown University Law Center; he joined a homophobic fraternity of jocks and dated women. Gant, who likes reading self-help books, says, "I so wanted to be the best little boy in the world, to do it the 'right way,' so I joined the frat. I couldn't contemplate the idea of not taking that path. I was in the closet, hiding and invisible. I was willing to put myself, as many gay guys are, in situations that are pain-inflicting. It's an offshoot of low self-esteem. It's embarrassing to say these things, because now I've come to experience such self-love. I need to realize that it's OK to have had my journey."
b0~/YId2CO}5s9q [color=navy]    Gant出生在佛罗里达Tampa的一个蓝领技术家庭中,他在那里长大,并且一直是被看作是“完美的孩子。对于我来说,其他‘同性恋’是不存在的,我认为,全世界就只有我一个人喜欢同性。”Gant说到。Gant的第一次同性经历是在学校舞会的夜晚和一个比他大些橄榄球队员在旅店楼梯井发生的(stairwell,我对建筑不太了解,查出来的)。当他20岁时,Gant的妈妈偷听了一次他的电话才发现了这个秘密。但当时,他并没有准备好去公开他的性取向。在去乔治敦大学法学院读硕士前(我猜的,应该是去读硕士吧——xiaohou86),Gant是宾西法尼亚大学的一名本科生。在那里,他曾经加入了一个恐同团体(天啊!——xiaohou86)并且从那时开始和女孩子约会。Gant比较喜欢读一些关于‘解救自我’的书,并由此产生了这种想法:“我只想成为同辈中最为出色的一个,所以我必须按照‘正确’的方式去做,所以我就加入了那个恐同团体。那时的我从未认真考虑过不去那样做会怎样。因为我当时还没有出柜,所以我就隐藏自己,尽量不让别人看到自己真实的一面。(那也不能帮助那群混蛋迫害自己的群体啊,不好意思,不忿一下——xiaohou86)就像现在许多同性恋一样,我当时很愿意把自己放在那种能够迫害别人的环境中,那是自大的一种表现。(??不明白,好像翻的不对——xiaohou86)然而现在对于我来说将这些东西让我很难堪,因为我已经体会过了什么是自爱。我需要正视自己的这一点,这也是我人生真实的一部分。C] g3? f@Oa'V
    Gant cherishes the myriad e-mails he receives from young gay men who look to him as a role model. He reads one on his laptop from a boy struggling to tell his family he's gay. "You're my hero," the boy writes. "Your work on Queer as Folk is a testament to strength of character and bravery," Gant's eyes well up. "I'm going to cry," he says softly.ht.Uc4c[

j{'dK'o [color=navy]    Gant非常珍视那些年轻的同性恋给他发来的无数的e-mail,他们去都把Gant当作英雄。他在笔记本中读着一封来信,这封信的作者正在为该不该向家人承认他是gay而作者思想斗争。“你就是我的英雄,你在Queer as Folk中的表现简直就是教给我们勇气的一本圣经。”Gant的眼睛湿润了,“我忍不住都要哭了”他轻声说。
d z&KN4P [/color]
)haLOq/F     In addition to Queer As Folk, which shoots six months of the year in Toronto, Gant will appear in the upcoming indie film Marie and Bruce with Julianne Moore and Matthew Broderick. Gant started a production company with producer Chris Racster and out actor Chad Allen called Mythgarden. The trio's first project is Save Me, a movie written by Craig Chester, about a center in Texas where gay men and lesbians go to become straight, in which Gant and Allen will star. Gant also volunteers his time to Senior Action in a Gay Environment and is working on a Web site addressing the issue of aging for gays. "One of the cool things about coming out is how much energy I have," Gant boasts. "That's one of the reasons my acting has blossomed and why I've been able to take on so many things. All that energy isn't going into perpetuating a facade, to hiding. I'm constantly reveling in this new freedom."/PX`6N.V/@

*O`;eF'KT [color=navy]    再多说一些Queer As Folk,这部剧每年在多伦多拍摄了六个月,而且Gant还将在Marie and Bruce公司的即将出品的电影中与Julianne Moore和Matthew Broderick一同出镜。Gant和制作人Chris Racster与另一出柜演员Chad Allen共同创办了一家名为Mythgarden公司。这三人公司的第一部作品是由Craig Chester 创作的电影《Save Me》,这部影片是关于一个设在德克萨斯州的帮助男同女同变成异性恋的‘救助中心’的故事。这部影片由Gant和Allen共同主演。同时,Gant还志愿去做一些关注老年同性恋的事情,并且在网上撰写一些关于同性恋年龄构成的一些问题(这个不太保证翻译的准确性,因为确实也不太了解——xiaohou86)。“出柜让我得到的最大的好处是我可以有更大的力量和影响力去帮助其他人”Gant有些自豪地说:“这也是我演艺事业繁盛以及我有更多的精力去做那么多事情的原因。所有的我的这些精力不是去使伟大的事情不朽,而是去帮助那些还在阴影中的人们,我将会让我的这种乐观积极的行为在我获得真正的自由之后继续延续下去。”
Wy R M&N | RJ~ [/color]4~;I6TT`6D
    Dodging further inquiries into life with Kyan Douglas, Gant switches the subject to pets. He yearns to own a chocolate Lab and a brown liver-spotted Dalmatian. "I like that the two would match. The browns would coordinate," he suggests with a chuckle. Gant, whose body looks fit even under a slouchy sweatshirt, takes a bite of tuna fish. He's eager to hit a spinning class at Crunch. Gant gazes around his outdoor patio, where chirping birds and a fountain provide a Zenlike soundtrack, "I used to think my destiny was to be unhappy," he confesses earnestly, "I'm really happy now. I'm constantly amazed by what's possible. It's only begun."*Ze&{~ @c0a

3?O#w4Xc?!IS*z(rM\ [color=navy]    为了避免继续谈关于是否会和Kyan Douglas共同生活的话题,Gant巧妙地把话题转到了宠物上去。Gant非常想要一对宠物犬——a chocolate Lab and a brown liver-spotted Dalmatian(狗的名字,不好意思,我不了解——xiaohou86)。“我想这两个小东西应该会很班配的,而且它们的颜色还都是棕色的”Gant笑着说。尽管他身着一件很普通的刺着金枪鱼的衬衣,但Gant看起来身材依然特别棒。Gant向门外的小院子看去,那儿的鸟鸣和喷泉营造了一种佛教禅宗的韵味(很像Ben啊,呵呵——xiaohou86),“我过去常常认为我这一生都注定不会幸福和快乐的”Gant坦诚地说到:“但是现在,我真的特别开心,我经常地为那些可能发生的事情所惊叹,真的,现在一切才刚刚开始。”%ba U][v6FOWA&O h A
9mb+k3JI[     <Correction: Robert was 20, not 16 when the overheard phone call occurred.> J ch"g-`K.S?jd
'ta4hJa1F3p S
[color=navy]    <更正:当他被偷听电话的时候,Robert是16岁而非20岁。> (原文中就是这样的写的,我想这是Gant自己注明的吧——xiaohou86)
|.ffi#V^&r3A [/color]#^V$fFLL
,wL&b-mi$Yc$y I o%rC
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